About Cirrec


Creating true circularity

For years, Cirrec has been a front-runner in European PET recycling innovation. We use our technology to regenerate European household waste and produce raw materials for food grade packaging – closing the loop on PET food packaging.

Simply put, we take back wasted material and revitalise it – ensuring that energy is saved, and valuable materials are kept in the economy  – and out of the environment. This process reduces the CO2 footprint and decouple the material from the virgin material production.

Where others see waste, we see a valuable resource. Our product portfolio comprises of rPET flakes and rPET pellets. We serve both the thermoforming industry and the bottle industry and supply to any European country.

The future of food packaging is circular

The world is calling for progressive action in plastics management and climate protection. Using regenerated PET which is infinitely recyclable, we close the loop on food packaging. At Cirrec, we make it possible. We produce flakes and pellets made from post-consumer PET food packaging, which we receive from waste managers across Europe. Leading manufactures use our food grade flakes and pellets to produce new food packaging made from up to 100% recycled post-consumer content.

Made from waste - Infinitely recyclable


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