The Closed Loop Buy-Back Programme

We can all agree that keeping materials in the loop is a good thing. It preserves resources and protects the environment. But transitioning from one approach to a new one, is not always easy.

The closed loop Buy-Back Programme is part of our journey to close the loop on food packaging. The Programme invites food service providers like caterers, retailers, and airlines to purchase rigid food packaging solutions from Faerch for their menus. After use, the packaging is collected and sent back to Cirrec. Using our specialised line-technology, we recycle your used packaging into food grade pellets and flakes – which is used by Faerch to produce new food safe packaging of the same quality.

5 steps: Closing the loop on food packaging


Step 1: Purchasing

Step 2: Collecting

Step 3:

Step 4: Recycling

Step 5: Production

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