Circular recycling

No time to waste

Circular recycling – our commitment

The world is calling for progressive action when it comes to plastics management and climate protection. At Cirrec, we respond to the call by having established a true circular system that keeps valuable material resources in the economy - and out of the environment. This is at the core of our work. And there is no time to waste.

Maximising recyclability in food packaging is essential in creating a true circular economy. Our technology is the first and last step of the circular recycling process. It closes the loop on PET food packaging by regenerating European household waste into raw materials for new food safe packaging solutions. Simply put, we turn waste into a valuable resource and create a circular flow of materials.

What we do

At Cirrec, we make closed loop recycling of rigid PET food packaging possible. It all begins with the collection of end-of-use PET food packaging for recycling. Once the packaging has been sorted, it is processed using specialised line technology that washes and sorts it in multiple steps, and finally processes the material into flakes or pellets.

Seen from a recycling perspective, post-consumer PET food packaging is a valuable input material. However, the quality of the processed material determines the yield and value of the generated output material. By creating a closed loop, we can ensure a high and homogeneous input quality that is crucial to ensuring efficient recycling. With specialised recycling concepts, we hope to accelerate circularity and keep valuable PET in the recycling loop.

We produce flakes and pellets made from post-consumer PET food packaging, which we receive from waste managers across Europe. Leading manufactures use our food grade flakes and pellets to produce new food packaging made from up to 100% recycled post-consumer content – achieving circular recycling that will help build a better future for our planet.

Where others see waste,
we see a valuable resource - and we’re committed
to keeping that resource
in the loop and out of the environment.

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