Circular recycling


Recycling concepts designed to accelerate circularity in food packaging

To achieve circularity in food packaging, we need to change the way products are designed and handled after use. Food packaging should be designed in a way that reduces environmental impact, minimises waste and can easily be recycled and regenerated back into new rigid food packaging.  

Cirrec is a part of Faerch Group, a global pioneer in rigid PET food packaging. Faerch’s packaging solutions are designed for recycling in a circular economy while meeting the highest food safety standards and requirements. Using Cirrec’s specialised technology, we are closing loop on rigid food packaging such as pots, tubs and trays.

Concepts designed to drive circular recycling at scale

Establishing an efficient recycling system is key when it comes to driving real change. This requires collaboration across the industry. Today, recycling efforts are challenged by insufficient material volume, poor recycling infrastructure and low input quality from waste streams.

We need better sorting and collection of post-consumer household waste, and we need to look at the materials that go into the food packaging applications we bring to market and make sure that the plastics we use are suitable for recycling – to design out waste and pollution and create a better future.

In collaboration with Faerch, we have brought three circular recycling concepts to market: The Tonne for Tonne Programme, the Buy Back Programme, and the Back of Store Programme. Each concept is designed to keep valuable PET in the economy and out of the environment.


We close the loop on PET food packaging
- ensuring circular recycling of household
food packaging for the benefit of producers,
consumers, and the environment.

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